@kimbykloss: Had a lovely girls night with @karliekloss @taylorswift13 ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋 http://t.co/jRFjUzhtOu x)

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07/22/14 (x)

Someone must’ve got wasted.


I can see the hearts in their eyes 😍

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Shoot me in the fucking vagina.

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Jack Antonoff on Taylor Swift…

Jack outing Taylor…

Jack was referring to Tegan and Sara NOT Taylor.


lol uh-huh. As he stutters after the awkward pause “No- bu-but I work a lot with Tegan and Sara”. In any case, she’s Bi 8)

The sexual tension as their hands touch



Kaylor love each other so much <3. Every time one of them is off in another country the first thing they do on the day they get back is see each other. 

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Jack Antonoff on Taylor Swift…

Anonymous asked: I wonder if in the bedroom taylor and karlie roleplay as eachother... since taylor went short and karlie went blonde... there's something there

roleplay as each other, together? 


Anonymous asked: are these real? - www_youtube_com/watch?v=qv0pkQcvRXU

I think you know the answer to this lol 

*sigh* someday

Anonymous asked: Taylor has a dirty mind! she showed that a lot when she was a teen, and various instances over the years, you can't tell me she doesnt know what a funjury is. omg she was probably laughing to herself! lol

She really does