Someone sent me these two fun things so I’ll go through them

First up:

Blind Item #4

This foreign born B list entertainer(singer) who has a reputation for cheating and is not named
Rita Ora was telling her friends over the weekend that the female best friend of the singer’s most famous boyfriend that she cheated on had been calling her and sexting her. Interesting. It would explain some things.

So if I follow this right, the foreign born singer is Ellie Goulding, cheated on boyfriend Ed Sheeran. The female best friend of the boyfriend = Taylor. Rita was telling her friends that Taylor has been calling and sexting her (her being Rita or Ellie? huH? She can’t be cheating on Karlie, not accepting this.


 This starlet has had so many boyfriends, it is almost becoming impossible to keep track of her checkered love life.

But amongst the sea of famous faces, one former lover is perhaps the most important because he defloweredher in a certain way.

He told her it was love of course, but it was only a game for him– he even kept her panties as a souvenir to show off to his pals.

Did his immature actions make her damaged goods? No, it taught her that love comes on her terms from now on…



What did he do?:

Comments look right on this. Starlet: Taylor, Lover: John, What he do: Deflower her a certain way /=/ (backdoor). Bwhaha, he kept her panties to show to pals. “you should’ve kept my undershirt”. Katy has a strand of Taylor’s hair in her purse too, Katy and John are perfect for each other.

Anonymous asked: She might have given Tom ODell a bj, and I even doubt that. They didn't have enough time alone. and he's british and beta.

The Groucho Club they went to after the pub and weren’t seen leaving, has plenty of rooms and beds. They had time. He is beta, good call, which is why Taylor was dominating dat ass. 


Anonymous asked: u think she fucked tom odell?

Tom was definitely a booty call.

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Taylor and Karlie going out to eat for dinner together then arriving back at her apartment

I like how everyone whining about the pics are reblogging them lmao

Preparing for her sex goddess era

Taylor sticks her ass out the window at paparazzi (4/12)

These trips to the “gym”, right… that’s a sex swing. Does provide a good workout I suppose.

Getting lunch at Blue Ribbon Sushi in NYC 4/9/14 (x)

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Anonymous asked: Can u repost Taylor's naughtist moment?

Too many to recall. My immediate thoughts tho are my ‘touching herself’ tag b/c the name’s sake, “I definitely just deep-throated the lollipop”, and you gotta love her telling the interviewer off with Lady Gaga’s penis is bigger than theirs.