“Out of all the hotels there are in London, Taylor has opted for one close to Harry’s house.”

Taylor still getting that teenage D. 

So what’s the deal Taylor, you slacking? It’s been days since you started following him and no word on you getting that D yet. Doing it undercover, or still with the child?

*whispering something dirty into Adam’s ear*

Anonymous asked: This blog turned me lesbian for taylor just letting you know


Anonymous asked: what sticky bra?? pic

That’s what people saying, there’s -> http://www.imagebam.com/image/18386b232157729 (likely the same thing people are seeing in those “nip slip” pics from the ACM Awards few years back)

For the last time she didn’t get a boob job. “wahh she was flat then she got boobs” No, she’s always had them. Our good friends over at http://taylorswiftboobs.tumblr.com/page/10 got it covered throughout the years. Then she found out what a bra was in early 2012. If Paris Hilton can make her boobs look big sometimes so can Taylor, chill and gtfo with this garbo.

Anonymous asked: What "TRIANGLE" are you talking about?!

Click and look close


Anonymous asked: Gurl share with your followers that lingerie pic


Anonymous asked: the side patch of the dress from the golden globes isnt see-through. the 'freckles' you saw are just spots on her dress. the fabric is too thick to be see-through.

Nah dude pretty sure it’s a gradient see through to blend in, those were freckles and every fashion place that has commented on her dress talks about the nude side view.


Harry and Taylor’s Fake Split- Heat Magazine

Fight blown out of proportion and they are still speaking every day and plan to meet up when they aren’t busy. Might’ve just had a fight like all couples do. Easy way for a breakup rumor to spread then since they are both busy with rehearsals.