Anonymous asked: Tay's virginity was lost WAY before john for sure. pretty sure it was lost in high school. have you heard the song 'this is really happening'?

Yeah mentioned that probably a dozen times on this blog lol

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Another closer video of Taylor and Harry on New Years, might be from the person in front of the other person with the iPhone in the other video lol

my nigga touched the butt. praise his soul. 

Why are people starting to flip out in massive quantities again just because they kissed? FFS they’ve been staying in private cottages together in the UK and staying at each others hotels for nights in a row, why are people suddenly suicidal maniacs just because they kissed?

Anonymous asked: After seeing some Taylor x John stuff, I'm sort of crying atm. They seemed so happy and shit had to go downwards from the whole management bullshit and her and the fame..have u seen the blind item on them? I did recently and after this I'm broken.

Yeah RIP Maylor

Taylor got the D last night

Anonymous asked: Do you think she lost her virginity to John Mayer?

No, long before John


She and John split April 2010. They hadn’t even MET May ‘09. YBWM has just released. She was dating Lucas Till who had prior hooked up with Miley Cyrus. So if you wanna link it that way, fine, but Swayer had not happened yet.

lol wtf they met in 2008 at the MET gala, she said so herself about how she fangirled to him and quoted his blog and stuff while talking to him, and they played a couple songs together in May 2009 (including your body is a wonderland) and were working on Half of My Heart soon after and flirted all spring/summer on twitter.

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Title: Santa Baby Artist: Taylor Swift 26,533 plays


taylor swift asking santa for that thing that everyone wants