It seems like Taylor Swift is starting not to give a fuck anymore, she’s blatantly imitating people on live television, and being sassy and the next thing you know she’s gonna chop off all of her hair and start singing about riding dick I can’t wait

Taylor interrupts Graham Norton to flirt with Saoirse Ronan

"Are you going to have a beard like Taylor Swift as well?" 
"Does Taylor Swift have a beard?"

Wearing some tight pants on her date with Tom Odell at the club

Actual photograph, I didn’t even crop it. Those paps don’t even care about her face

Taylor sung ‘22’ on Lets Dance at BBC, and she said she has “a cold coming on” 

Her sexual deeds are already affecting her performances.

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Party girl

Taylor Swift didn’t make a mad dash out of town after performing at... ›

Taylor Swift didn’t make a mad dash out of town after performing at the2013 Brit Awards.

Instead, she stuck around to enjoy London—and she’s not enjoying it alone!

The 23-year-old pop star was spotted tonight leaving a pub and heading out to the members-only Groucho Club with 22-year-old…

Guy comes out of nowhere, flirts with her backstage at the awards, has a drink with her at a pub, then immediately leave to a private club and  is bedding her already? Damn.

Or is she pulling a swifty and Easy A’ing us while actually sexting Dianna.


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This pic is so sketchy

VERY INTERESTING Taylor. She thirsty. She hungry. 


schwasted swift? loll


*guy taking away her drink*