Anonymous asked: how do u feel about the theory that the real reason why Taylor cant keep a bf is because she is a virgin and never puts out?

That was only Tabloid BS in the wake of the Harry thing, when it was obvious they were banging spending like the whole week at each others hotels, and then spending a week at a private cottage together in the UK. She’s admitted sexual lyrics before and some songs make pretty clear reference to it no matter how ignorant you may be. 

Anonymous asked: Have you ever posted your icon pic?

This one? http://dirtytaylorswift.tumblr.com/post/23145855609/sidebar-gif-was-kind-of-low-quality-so-i-decided

I heard Kristin Stewart stopped by Taylor’s house on her day off. 

Anonymous asked: do you think taylor has ever said fuck

She used to say, er… type it a lot on myspace before she was real famous. The infamous “fuck sewing machines”, and constantly bringing up this Grant Motherfuckingwood character. In her Vogue Cover Story the writer talks about how she recited the whole Honey Badger video, which says fuck, but she said she didn’t want her swearing to go on record, but the interviewer gave NO FUCKS WHATOSEVER. Bless. B.o.B talked about how she said Outta My Mind was her favorite song off his new album and she was singing it right there. lyrics include “I’m outta my fucking mind”. Of course we never get to hear any of this which is bullshit

Anonymous asked: omg what is your sidebar from

Brief scene from the Story of Us music video right after the final “Cause we’re going down” ;) The video is a goldmine.

dirtytaylorswiftThe aftermath of Dianna’s bedroom door after her party. The one with the cat = Taylor? Also note she’s writing it from Dianna’s perspective.

Never forget. Shame we didn’t get pics from Dianna’s party this year.

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Anonymous asked: Your blog changed my life because I'm a girl I'm straight and I now think Taylor Swift is sexy and she makes me wet wow thanks alot

I’m glad I’ve been able to help you realize your true self.


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Anonymous asked: Do you have the full interview for that lady gaga reference in the potty mouth video?